Born in 1963 Jeffrey's fondness for the outdoors began shortly after he and his family moved to Colorado from the east coast when he was five years old. He then spent his summers fishing and hiking in the area that encompassed his grandfather's cabin, which is near the Kinikinik Ranch, located in the upper Poudre Canyon.
 Jeffrey developed an interest in art at an early age and eventually took Independent Studies in watercolor as a senior attending Poudre High School. It was during his studies in art when he formulated his background and understanding of the three basic components of art: Form, Color, and Composition.
  After graduating from high school, he purchased his first 35mm camera and discovered a new avenue to explore his artistic talents. Jeffrey soon began to teach himself the technical aspects of 35mm photography, which enabled him to combine his artistic background and love of the outdoors. He still uses 35mm format when taking pictures and he prefers PENTAX and CANON brand camera bodies and lenses.
  At the age of 25, Jeffrey began working as a Crime Scene Investigator. The majority of his work dealt with photography. Although primarily self-taught, he expanded his expertise in the field of photography by attending several courses directed by the FBI and various other law enforcement agencies.
  It was while working as a Crime Scene Investigator that Jeffrey turned to Nature Photography, primarily as a form of stress relief. In time he realized that his artistic and technical skills along with his love of the outdoors began to blend and after much hard work was producing dramatic images that were being captured on film.
  Soon after he realized his true calling was that of a nature photographer.